Remember Passwords in Microsoft edge, Manage Saved Passwords

Microsoft Edge browser allows users to save passwords for the websites or application regularly visited by them. This browser also collect information and auto fill forms for the users. These features can prove extremely helpful and can save lot of time. However password saving is not recommended on any system other than users personal machine as there is a risk that anyone can get access to users credentials. User saves passwords for Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and many other websites while logging into the browser. Saving password is recommended only if you are the single user using the PC. In this post we will know how to save passwords and also methods for retrieving the saved passwords in Windows 10 platform in detail.

Microsoft Edge – Microsoft keep on updating and introducing new features on Windows platform. Microsoft Edge is the newly designed browser by Microsoft and is available among Windows platform. It has replaced Internet Explorer as default browser on all Windows 10 devices, Learn how do i find my computer in windows 10 at windowstuts website. It is designed with a layout engine built around web standards to provide full functionality, and self being a light weight web browser.

Features of Microsoft Edge

  • It is fast and compatible.
  • Light weight browser and built to perform operations on the modern web.
  • It does not consume much memory unlike other web browsers.
  • Enhanced and protected features.

Save/View Passwords in Microsoft Edge

To save time user wants to save their password for their next login which is possible in Microsoft Edge. When any user visits a website or application that involves a sign in/up process, Microsoft Edge will ask whether user want to save the credentials, so these details are filled automatically on user’s next visit to the website or that particular application.

In Microsoft Edge password saving is ON by default. In advanced settings options are available to turn this feature ON or OFF. Saved password can be viewed in the Microsoft credential manager. Credential manager can be found in the Control Panel. Windows credentials stores system credentials and the Web credentials stores the user’s web credential details.

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There are few simple steps involved in managing username and passwords saved in Microsoft Edge:

STEP 1 – Open the Microsoft Edge browser and locate the Settings option available on the right corner of the browser. It is denoted by three dots ().

STEP 2 – In the Settings menu go to Advanced Settings. Click on the advanced settings to continue.

STEP 3 – In the Advanced settings window locate Privacy and Services and under that there is a option available “ Offer to save Password

STEP 4 – Turn the feature “offer to save Password” ON, so that the browser can remember the credentials for the user. Similarly it can be turned OFF. When this feature is turned OFF, It does not save password or any other details from the user. Moreover turning off this feature will not affect any previously stored credentials.

STEP 4 – If the user want to delete all previously saved password, Go to Setting option , select what all needed to be deleted under clear browsing data. Now proceed to delete all the selected items.

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