How to Fix Certificate errors in Internet Explorer

Getting a certificate error message in your Internet Explorer is displayed when your browser identifies finds that security certificate of a website comprises of invalid information. It is purposely carried out to safeguard the internet users from attacks that occur due to malicious websites that automatically download viruses/ fake websites to fetch your personal information. At times this security functions acts weird and it starts blocking even the trusted sites that users already know to be a trustworthy sites. This article will help you understand how to fix this certificate error in Internet explorer

First step

Close – Internet Explorer, now click the button -Start.  Next, type in search box – regedit if you are using Vista, or just type in run box in case you are using Windows earlier versions. Now, Hit – Enter

Second Step


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Third Step

Type – “FEATURE_ERROR_PAGE_BYPASS_ZONE_CHECK_FOR_HTTPS_KB954312” in new key box and simply press – Enter

Fourth Step

In the edit menu highlight –New and select – DWORD Value

Fourth Step

In given value box type- “iexplore.exe” and press – Enter

Fifth Step

In edit menu – select Modify and in the modification area – type  “1”. Now click – OK

Sixth Step

Close registry editor and then open – Internet Explorer to check if the certificate error has been resolved.

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