How to Fix “DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE” Error in Windows

There are times when you encounter a Blue Screen error while getting back to windows from it does sleep/hibernate mode or even shutdown/restart. In case you come across the error code on BSOD to be –DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE, then there are chances that this has occurred due to some problems with the state of driver.

This is a stop error that implies that the driver is in invalid/inconsistent power state. This error normally occurs while any process undergo transitions in power state like shutting down/moving in/out or standby/hibernate mode.


This error 0x0000009F clearly states that the driver is in invalid/inconsistent power state.


DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE is ideally comes up along with an error code, and all that directly indicate that the drivers are not in a position to deal with the power state transition easily due to incompatibility. Firstly, you need to check that the drivers (mouse, display, network etc.,) support the Windows current version.

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Update device driver by starting in safe mode

Try to reboot your PC into safe mode with networking support and check if there is any pending update that is related to the device drivers.

In case there is no update visible, download the driver manually from the OEM site or any other computer and later install them on your computer while already in safe mode.

Run  – Blue Screen Troubleshooter

In order to make it easy for its users, Microsoft has included a Blue Screen Troubleshooter to handle particular issues directly via  Settings App in Windows 10

Head to settings page and select –Blue Screen under Find and fix other problems. Just apply the changes recommended and Close the troubleshooter.

You can also go to the Microsoft site and run the -Blue Screen Troubleshooter. You will find an easy to use wizard there which will help you carry out the process of troubleshooting Blue Screens.

External Hardware should be removed

In case there is some external new hardware you tried to plugged, try to remove it from your computer and check if the error still occurs

In case the error is solved, you might think of updating the driver for that particular hardware. In case of more than one driver check them one by one.

Utilize Driver Verifier

Now, you need to run the program – Driver verifier on your computer. The program helps troubleshoot, find and solve the common issues related to driver.  The program is designed to find the number of unsigned drivers existing on the system that leads to BSOD.

Now you can easily troubleshoot all the devices shown in the list by downloading the latest version/removing it from system and letting Windows resolve it


In case nothing works you will have to use a restore point to get back to the earlier working pattern. You can go ahead with restore Windows to factory defaults keeping all the files intact.

The above solutions would certainly help you eliminate the error on your own.

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